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Ashtanga Yoga Classes
The prices are for all Ashtanga Yoga classes. A group class has max 5 spots.

$25 Drop-in 1 session

$55 Private session

$150 7 sessions (Valid for 3 months)

$300 15 sessions (Valid for 6 months)

Yoga Wall/Trapeze Classes
The prices are the same for both Yoga Wall and Yoga Trapeze. A group class has only max 5 spots.

$35 Drop-in 1 session

$65 Private session

$150 5 sessions (Valid for 2 months)

$300 11 sessions (Valid for 4 months)

Tai Chi Classes
The prices for all Tai Chi classes. Private session is available up on request.

$20 Drop-in 1 session

$50 Private session

$150 8 sessions (Valid for 3 months)
$300 17 sessions
(Valid for 6 months)

Location and Facilities


The location of Angela Lu Studio is at 11076 130 Street, Surrey, British Columbia V3T 3M4. The studio is in private setting which only conduct in very small size of class. This will allow the instructor to pay more attention to individual student. You can also request for private sessions to speed up your learning progress.


Location Map

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